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Promise a Mitzvah: Am Tikvah Annual Fund 2023/5784

This is the year to bring it home. The merger process is complete. We have consolidated into our Brotherhood Way building. We have engaged a wonderful new rabbi. The future of our congregational family is ahead of us.

Now is the time to make your commitment tangible. You have been asked for financial support in prior years, and you responded in the spirit of the High Holy Days to maintain what had been our legacy.

Now we challenge you to contribute your gift to the annual fund in the spirit of what will be. We want to be innovative and courageous in the building of a sacred Jewish community that will inspire and nurture us and our progeny. Please consider a meaningful gift to the Am Tikvah annual appeal as a mitzvah on behalf of our entire community. Your gift makes our future attainable.

A Message from Rabbi Chayva

Ready to pledge? 

In appealing to the generosity of members and friends of the Am Tikvah community, we respectfully suggest that you consider a gift pledge with installment payments over time rather than a one-time donation. We are trying to achieve a more substantial result of our annual fund appeal than what we achieved in recent years past. You may find that you can envision a gift of greater significance if you extend the time of redeeming your pledge. Your commitment to the future well-being of our community is deeply appreciated. 



Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784