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Board of Directors

Am Tikvah is overseen and governed by its Board of Directors, congregants dedicated to the synagogue and its mission and values. Please reach out to us any time to share your ideas and to volunteer your time to contribute to the community.


Board Executive Committee Members

Sharon Bleviss

Sharon Bleviss, Co-President  

Josh Goodman

Josh Goodman, Co-President

Deborah Schweizer

Deborah Schweizer
Co-Vice President

Val Langmuir

Val Langmuir
Co-VIce President

Bonnie Lindauer

Bonnie Lindauer

Melanie Talsky

Melanie Talsky


Board Members at Large

Hannah Rethers
Jeffrey Dielle
Ken Mitchell
Kristen Fleisher
Larry Hammer
Lisa Karpanty
Nancy Greenberg
Sherrie Rosenberg
Steve Roditti
Terry A. Levy
William Tarran

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783