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Do you have any professional experience or skills that you can contribute to our community?
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Once you complete registration and are an Am Tikvah member, you will be entered into the private congregational directory. This is accessible online only to members. Each member can choose which pieces of information are visible to the community. By default, the Member Directory will show your name, address, birthday, children, email, and phone number.  

Photo Release

Congregation Am Tikvah occasionally uses photographs of members taken at events in its publications and on its Website.

   I hereby grant permission to Am Tikvah to use my photograph on its website, social media platforms, or in other official printed and online publications without further consideration, and I acknowledge Am Tikvah has right to crop or treat the photograph at its discretion. I also acknowledge that Am Tikvah may choose not to use my photo at this time, but may do so at its own discretion at a later date. Am Tikvah reserves the right to discontinue use of photos without notice. I also understand that once my image is posted on Am Tikvah's website, the image can be downloaded.
     Therefore, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any claims the Am Tikvah Board of Directors and All Employees of Am Tikvah.


By default, all new members are added to our weekly newsletter subscription, which includes upcoming events, Zoom links, and current information to keep you in the Am Tikvah loop. If you prefer to not receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time.

We like to acknowledge and introduce new members who join the community. We write a little blurb about you for our weekly newsletter (no contact information is included). Please let us know if you would rather we NOT introduce you in the coming weekly email newsletter. 

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Joining Congregation Am Tikvah 

All membership categories include voting privileges and the opportunity to serve on synagogue committees and/or the Board of Trustees. Financial constraints should never get in the way of your full participation in the community. If the suggested amounts are not appropriate please let us know the level of financial support you can offer.
For more information about membership categories and suggested synagogue support levels, go to our Membership Page.
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In order to cover our increased expenses, we ask you to search your hearts and decide if you are able to increase your membership commitment above the standard amount. If you feel that you can increase your commitment above the standard amount, please indicate that below.
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The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. In applying for Membership to Congregation Am Tikvah, I agree to honor all monetary commitments I have made to the congregation. I understand that my membership shall continue until I cancel my membership. I understand that I can cancel my membership at any time by notifying the office of Congregation Am Tikvah and my pledged synagogue support will be appropriately prorated. Electronic submittal of this form shall be considered a signature to the above agreement.
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