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2024-2025 Renewal Membership Form

We are delighted you are renewing your membership at Congregation Am Tikvah! Every person is essential in our unique community. Together we strive to build an inclusive, vibrant, inter-generational community. We look forward to a future of Judaism in San Francisco that blends tradition with innovation.

Form Instructions:
Start by logging into the database if you already have an account.
As you complete the form, new fields will open as needed. 
For the most secure membership payment processing, Am Tikvah advises members to set up your own ShulCloud Database account. Then you can make payments via ACH or Credit Card.
You can set up recurring monthly or one-time payments.

Please return this form to the office by or before June 30, 2024
(This will help us accurately assess our budget and plans for the coming year.)
Check all boxes indicating your preferences.
(You will receive a confirmation email after you submit this form to the office.)
Indicate your preferences and pay online through our secure database,
Or you can reply to the paper mail version of this form by returning your check with the enclosed envelope.

Our fiscal year runs from July 1st - June 30th. Membership pledges should be completed by or before June 30, 2025. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the office, (415) 586-8833 or

If you are logged into your account, your information will appear below. Please verify and make any necessary changes. If all the information is correct, there is no need to do anything.


Preferred method of communication:
If you select Email, we will first reach out to you by email and follow up with a phone call as needed. If you select Phone Call, we will call you first instead of sending an email. The Weekly Dispatch newsletter is an electronic communication that is sent every Thursday by email. Please contact the office if you do not already receive it.
Professional Experience:
Am Tikvah thrives because of our members who volunteer their valuable time and skills.


To maintain our level of staffing, programming, and security the Board of Trustees decided to increase the annual membership contribution levels. The Household/Family level dues increased by $150, and the Individual level dues increased by $100. The Associate* level dues will remain the same. These modest increases do not fully cover the breadth of our operations and especially the unexpected cost of security guards we added for events and services this past year. Therefore, the Board established a Sustaining Membership level. If you are able and choose to support the community with an increased donation, please consider becoming a Sustaining Member.
Membership Level Member Sustaining Member
Household/Family $2,650 $3,150
Individual $1,900 $2,400
Associate* $700 $1,200

*Associate Members are full members of another synagogue or live outside the Bay Area. Includes reduced price High Holy Day tickets.
Be assured that Am Tikvah embraces the principal that financial constraints are not a barrier to full participation in our community. If you need to adjust your commitment, please indicate that in the field above.

When you continue to the next page, you will have the option to pay: 

- Once Now - to make a one-time payment now by credit card or ACH (e-check).
- Bill to my account - allows you to make a one-time payment at a later date (Only available if logged in).
- # of Payments - allows you to divide your contribution into up t o 12 equal payments. You can then choose the frequency of the payments, and when the first payment should start. Payments must end by June 30, 2025. (Only available if logged in).
Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784