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Our High Holy Day Health Policy

Am Tikvah Medical Task Force
Special Announcement for High Holy Days 5783 /2022

Your Safety is Our Concern

As we gather together at our Brotherhood Way site for the High Holy Days, we are committed to resuming communal activities while we provide for the safety of our congregants. We are grateful that the risk of serious illness from Covid 19 is significantly less than it was when we were planning High Holy Day services last year, but also know that some risk to congregants remains present.

Beyond Vaccines and Recommended Boosters

Do your part, by receiving vaccines and recommended boosters. We will provide the highest level of ongoing safety from airborne disease in our communal spaces by maximizing airflow and ventilation.  To achieve this, we will be adding fans at services and at our Rosh Hashana Eve meal and Yom Kippur break-the-fast. We are investigating continued improvement going forward.

Please observe the following:

  • All attendees should be vaccinated for Covid 19. We ask that you adhere to this request.
  • Well fitted KN95, N95 or PF94 masks add additional protection, and for the comfort of all congregants, we ask that you continue to wear these masks during services, and as much as possible during at meals and kiddushes.
  • Finally, for those who have special concerns or risks, we are providing a remote option to attend.
Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783